A Sweet Start to the Year: Mrs Tilly's Top Treats for 2024

A Sweet Start to the Year: Mrs Tilly's Top Treats for 2024

As the bells chime in the New Year, there's excitement and anticipation. 2024 stretches before us like a blank canvas, ready to be filled with new memories and experiences. And what better way to add a bit of sweetness to these moments than with Mrs Tilly's delectable treats? As we embrace the fresh start, let's explore some of our most beloved sweet treats that promise to make this year even more delightful.

Mrs Tilly's Traditional Scottish Tablet

Talking about the best Scottish sweet treats, let’s start with our exquisite collection of Scottish Tablet!

Scottish Tablet Gift Box 150g

Imagine a confection that perfectly blends the rich traditions of Scotland with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. That's what you get with Mrs Tilly's Scottish Tablet Gift Box. Each 150g box is a treasure trove of creamy, buttery goodness. The tablet is made with a traditional recipe, using high-quality ingredients that create a unique, crumbly texture unlike any other sweet. It's an ideal treat for those cosy evenings or as a thoughtful gift to sweeten someone's day.

Scottish Tablet Bar 90g

For those who prefer their treats on the go, the 90g Scottish Tablet Bar is a good choice This bar captures the essence of a traditional Scottish tablet in a convenient, portable form. Its compact size makes it perfect for tucking into a bag for a sweet snack at work or during a leisurely walk. The same classic recipe ensures each bite is as delightful as the last, offering a taste of Scotland's culinary heritage in every nibble.

Original and Unique Fudge Varieties for 2024

We’re all set to add some extra sparkle to your year with our amazing fudge varieties. We've got something for everyone, so let's dive in!

Original Scottish Fudge Gift Box 150g

Starting with a bang, our Original Scottish Fudge is the stuff of legends. Packed in a cute 150g box, this creamy fudge is just right for sharing some love or treating yourself. It’s classic, it’s yummy, and it’s got that perfect melt-in-your-mouth magic.

Sea Salt Scottish Fudge Gift Box 150g

Fancy something a wee bit different? Our Sea Salt Scottish Fudge is just the ticket. This 150g box of goodness balances sweet and salty in a way that's just... wow! Perfect for when you’re craving a bit of gourmet in your sweets.

Candy Cane, Gingerbread, Brandy Cream Fudge – The 400g Trio

Oh, and we’ve got these awesome 400g boxes in three fab flavours. Candy Cane for that minty kick, Gingerbread for a taste of cosiness, and Brandy Cream for when you’re feeling fancy. They’re like little boxes of joy!

More Flavours? You Bet! Orange, Belgian Chocolate, Whisky, Rum and Raisin, and Traditional:

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got even more flavours! Whether you’re all about that citrusy zing of Orange, the rich delight of Belgian Chocolate, a bit of Whisky warmth, the fruity fun of Rum and Raisin, or sticking to the good ol’ Traditional – we’ve got you covered.

Each flavour is a little adventure in itself, made with the best ingredients and loads of love. So, whether you’re gifting, celebrating, or just need a sweet pick-me-up, Mrs Tilly's fudge varieties are here to make your 2024 a lot more delightful.

Chocolate Honeycomb Gift Box 100g

Crunchy honeycomb wrapped in silky chocolate – our Chocolate Honeycomb is a crunchy, chocolatey delight that's hard to resist.

Scottish Macaroon Bar 90g

For those who love a bit of coconut with their chocolate, our Scottish Macaroon Bar is a match made in heaven.

Vegan Fudge in Three Fantastic Flavors

2024 is also about inclusivity, and our vegan fudge in Original, Belgian Chocolate, and Sea Salt flavours ensures there's something sweet for everyone. This year, let each bite of our treats take you on a delightful journey.

Special Bundles and Gift Options

Welcome to 2024, a year where sharing and caring take centre stage, especially with Mrs Tilly's delightful bundles and gift options. These selections are not just confections but expressions of love and joy.

Tablet & Fudge 1Kg Bags

Imagine a kilogram of sheer happiness! These bags are a confectionery lover's dream, brimming with our signature tablet and fudge. They are perfect for big family gatherings, as a generous gift, or simply to keep your sweet cravings satisfied for weeks.

Fudge and Tablet Taster Selection 6x150g

Can't decide what to try first? This taster selection is your solution. With six different 150g packs, it offers a little bit of everything. It's an exploration of flavours and textures, ideal for those new to Mrs Tilly's or for long-time fans looking to revisit all their favourites.

Mrs Tilly's Truly Scottish Gift Bag

This gift bag celebrates Scotland's rich confectionery heritage. Each item inside has been carefully chosen to represent the best of Scottish sweets.

Additional Unique Products

Mrs Tilly's is not just about traditional sweets; our range also includes some unique, innovative treats.

Tablet Popcorn 170g

This is where tradition meets innovation. Our Tablet Popcorn is a delightful surprise, combining the classic, creamy taste of Scottish tablet with the light crunch of popcorn. It's a fusion that’s sure to excite your taste buds and add a twist to your snack time.

Need a large Jute Bag? Sustainability meets style in our Large Jute Bag. This eco-friendly bag is a versatile accessory for everyday use, reflecting a commitment to environmental responsibility and practical elegance.

Embrace the Sweetness with Mrs Tilly's Top Sweet Treats 2024

As we step into 2024, Mrs Tilly's invites you on a sweet journey through Scotland's confectionery traditions and beyond. From our luxurious fudge varieties and traditional tablet to our innovative popcorn and eco-friendly jute bags, there’s something for every taste and occasion.

Each product is a testament to our dedication to quality, tradition, and innovation. We encourage you to explore our full range, find your favourites, and share the sweetness with your loved ones. Let's make 2024 a year of delightful discoveries, shared moments, and, most importantly, indulgent treats from Mrs Tilly's.