A Scottish-Inspired Mother's Day Sweet Treats

A Scottish-Inspired Mother's Day Sweet Treats

As the calendar flips to March, we find ourselves preparing for a day that's all about the heart: Mother's Day. It's a time when the love for mothers and mother figures blooms as brightly as the spring flowers start to peek through. "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother," Abraham Lincoln once said, and it's this sentiment that captures the spirit of Mother's Day in Scotland and beyond.

Here, it's more than just gifts; it's about creating moments filled with love, laughter, and the sweet comfort of shared traditions. Scottish celebrations bring their own unique flavour, mixing the universal with the local. Imagine the comforting aroma of homemade shortbread or the rich sweetness of Scottish Tablet as they become not just treats, but a source of love and tradition.

Understanding Mother's Day

March brings us to a day deeply rooted in history, yet vibrant and alive in the present. Mother's Day, with its ancient origins, has blossomed over centuries into a celebration of the irreplaceable role of mothers in our lives. This day has evolved from ancient traditions and religious observances into a heartfelt expression of gratitude and love. In Scotland, we cherish this day by returning to simple, yet profound gestures of love—be it through a meal lovingly prepared, or sweets baked from the heart.

It's in these acts of giving—infused with personal touch and time—that the essence of Mother's Day truly shines. For as Lincoln so aptly put it, our deepest debts of love and identity are often owed to our mothers. And what better way to honour that debt than with shared moments and sweet treats that speak directly to the heart?

Traditional Scottish Sweet Treats to Try

As we approach Mother's Day, why not explore Scottish heritage with traditional sweets that have been warming hearts for generations? Scotland is renowned for its rich culinary traditions, and its sweets are a testament to this legacy. From the crumbly, buttery delights of shortbread to the indulgent, sugary rush of Scottish Fudge, and the richness of sweet popcorn, these treats offer a taste of Scotland's history and culture, perfect for adding a special touch to your Mother's Day celebrations.


Shortbread, with its simple trio of butter, sugar, and flour, has become synonymous with Scottish hospitality. This beloved biscuit dates back to the 12th century but was popularized in the 16th century by Mary, Queen of Scots, who had a penchant for the Petticoat Tails version, a round biscuit cut into segments.

Traditionally, shortbread was reserved for special occasions like Christmas and Hogmanay (New Year's Eve), but it has found its way into the heart of Mother's Day celebrations. Baking a batch of shortbread is a sweet, simple way to show love, carrying with it the essence of Scottish tradition.


Scottish tablet, a fudge-like confection, is a moreish treat made from sugar, condensed milk, and butter, often flavoured with vanilla or whisky. Its origins are somewhat murky, with recipes dating back to the early 18th century, but its presence in Scottish culture is undeniable. The tablet's rich, creamy texture and melt-in-the-mouth sweetness make it a decadent gift, perfect for indulging the sweet tooth of any mum. Make sure to check out our variety of tablet on Mrs Tilly’s!

Dundee Cake

The Dundee cake, with its distinctive crown of almonds, is a rich fruit cake that hails from the city of Dundee. It's believed to have been popularized in the 19th century, and made famous by the Keiller family, known for their marmalade. This cake is packed with raisins, currants, and sometimes cherries, and is flavoured with orange marmalade, giving it a unique taste that sets it apart from other fruitcakes. Baking a Dundee cake for Mother's Day is a wonderful way to celebrate Scottish baking tradition, offering a slice of Scotland's rich culinary history.


Not to be overshadowed by its crumbly cousin, tablet, Scottish fudge is a creamy, soft, and rich delight that holds its own in the world of traditional sweets. Unlike the grainy texture of tablet, fudge offers a smoother, more velvety bite, often found in a myriad of flavours that range from gingerbread to the more adventurous sea salt varieties.

This Mother's Day, we encourage you to explore these traditional Scottish recipes. These are simple ways to bring a piece of Scottish heritage into your celebrations. Whether you're a seasoned baker or trying your hand at these classics for the first time, these sweet treats are sure to make Mother's Day all the more special.

Complementing the Classics with Mrs. Tilly's

When it comes to sweetening Mother's Day with an extra sprinkle of love, Mrs. Tilly's array of confections offers the perfect complement to Scotland's traditional treats. Imagine the delight of adding a layer of Mrs Tilly's luxuriously smooth fudge to a homemade Dundee cake or using it as a decadent filling between shortbread cookies. The quality and convenience of our products mean you can easily elevate homemade treats, making them even more special and unique.

For a creative twist, try melting our original toffee to drizzle over freshly baked scones or blend their tablet into your ice cream mix for an indulgent Scottish sundae. These products not only add a touch of luxury to your Mother's Day sweets but also save you time in the kitchen, allowing for more moments spent together.

DIY Sweet Treats - Recipes and Inspirations

This Mother's Day, why not don an apron and whisk up some love with DIY sweet treats that perfectly pair with Mrs Tilly's delights? A batch of personalized shortbread cookies, perhaps, with initials or loving messages iced on top, can be beautifully presented alongside Mrs Tilly's fudge for a heartwarming gift. Or consider homemade Scotch whisky truffles, their rich, boozy centres complementing the smooth sweetness of our toffee.

Feel free to try these simple yet heartfelt recipes to create something truly personal and delicious, making the day memorable.

  • Cranachan

  • Clootie Dumpling

  • Scottish Macaroon Bars

  • Tipsy Laird (Scottish Trifle)

  • Selkirk Bannock

  • Raspberry Cranachan Cheesecake

Presentation and Packaging Ideas

The presentation of your sweet treats can be just as important as their flavour. Consider using sustainable, attractive materials like reusable tin boxes, decorated mason jars, or eco-friendly wrapping paper to package your homemade and Mrs Tilly's confections. A beautifully tied ribbon or a handwritten note adds a personal touch that speaks volumes.

For an unforgettable unboxing experience, layer your treats with love, alternating between your DIY creations and Mrs Tilly's sweets, perhaps with a little story or note explaining each selection. The goal is to create a sensory and emotional journey that starts the moment your mum opens her gift. Do not forget to check out our range of gift cards !

Let’s Get Ready to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Love and Sweetness

Mother's Day is all about expressing our love and gratitude through thoughtful gestures and quality time spent together. The sweets and treats are just a delicious medium through which we convey our feelings. This year, let's blend tradition with personal touches, creating new memories and celebrating the incredible women in our lives with all the sweetness and joy they deserve!