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Mrs Tilly's Truly Scottish Gift Bag

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Let's get to the good stuff! In this bag, you've got seven pieces of pure Scottish joy, all gluten-free and perfect for vegetarians. Trust me, your taste buds are in for a treat!

Tablet 400g Gift Box : This tablet is a heartwarming journey in every bite. We use the best ingredients to create a texture that's just right – crumbly at first, then melting smoothly away. It's like a wee bit of sweetness that lingers lovingly in your mouth.

Tablet Popcorn 170g : Who'd have thought it? Tablet and popcorn together! It's the perfect combo of the comforting, familiar taste of tablet coating each crunchy popcorn piece. It's an absolute treat for those who love a bit of fun in their snacks.

Orange Fudge Gift Box 150g : Our Orange Fudge is like a burst of sunshine. We make it with real, zesty oranges, blending them into our creamy fudge. It's soft, it's sweet, with just the right amount of citrus zing to make your taste buds dance.

Sea Salt Fudge Gift Box 150g : Salt and sweet – an exquisite match, right? Our Sea Salt Fudge is the proof. We sprinkle just the right amount of sea salt to elevate the creamy sweetness of the fudge. It's a taste that takes you straight to the Scottish seaside.

Tablet Bar 90g : The Tablet Bar is your little slice of Scotland to enjoy anywhere. It's everything you love about our traditional tablet, packed into a bar that's just the right size for a quick treat.

Fudge Bar 90g : Imagine a bar of fudge so rich and creamy, that it feels like a cosy, comforting hug. That's our Fudge Bar. Every bite is a reminder of why classic Scottish fudge is so loved.

Macaroon Bar 90g : Our Macaroon Bar is a delightful twist. It's a lovely tangle of sweet coconut and smooth chocolate, creating a chewy, chocolatey delight that's hard to resist.

Everything we make is a piece of our family tradition. We're all about quality, using only the finest ingredients. Gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians, we craft treats that everyone can enjoy. It's not just about making sweets; it's about creating little moments of joy.

Ready for a Treat? Bring a bit of Scottish confectionery magic into your life. Whether you're a fudge fanatic, a tablet enthusiast, or a macaroon lover, there's something here just for you. Don’t forget to check out our Christmas Gift Box. Let’s dive into the delights of Scottish confectionery!